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Safety Equipment

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Shop High Precision Safety Equipment Up To The Mark

We live in a world full of uncertainties most of which we have little or no control over. Your safety does not have to be one of those uncertainties if we work together and follow the rules. At Bags & Gifts Shop, our goal is to provide safety equipment conveniently and at affordable prices for you.

Infrared Human Body Thermometer

Take temperature measurements from a safe distance with infrared thermometers. The gun-style design is easy to handle and the integrated processor provides accurate measurement results.

It is fast and effective to use the non-contact thermometers; all you have to do is target the thermometer and click the measurement key.

The non-contact thermometers optics record the heat radiation emitted, reflected, and absorbed, which is packed and centered on a detector.

The infrared non-contact thermometers electronics adjust this information into a temperature value that appears on the monitor. The non-contact thermometer s built-in laser can be used to ensure that you are targeting the right measurement point.

Hand Sanitizer: Your First Line Of Defence

Get instant germ protection anytime, anywhere without water. Keep the germs at bay with our on-the-go instant small hand sanitizers and ensure proper hand hygiene habits with your family. Buy yourself a natural hand sanitizer today!

Face Shield: Your Extra Layer Of Protection

Face shields are personal safety equipment devices that are used by many fields of workers for facial protection. Plastic face shields safeguarding you from hazards such as flying objects, air pollution, airborne debris, or potentially infectious materials.

Buy Safety Helmets At Affordable Prices

Looking to buy a new safety helmet for a bike? Then you’re in the right spot. At Bags & Gift Shop, It is easy to navigate and you will instantly track down the best safety helmet for bikers for your specific riding style. Check on down below!

Stock Up On The Best PPE Kit – Buy Now

Blanketing your body from all the sides, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit offers full-length security, protecting all over your body. This specialized clothing is primarily used at the industrial level or at medical centers preventing any potential virus or infection transmission.

Play It Safe, Wear A Face Mask – Buy Now

Protect yourself from air-pollution and airborne virus, as the situation of air quality index could get mind-boggling, the release of toxic air pollutants can become a major concern.  At Bags & Gifts Shop, we provide varieties of face masks, types ranging from homemade cloth mask to N95 respirator mask. Featuring trusted brands like Wildcraft and Harissons!



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