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Add Moments Of Styles With Women’s Backpack Collection

At Bags & Gifts Shop, we have backpacks specially designed to match the female body since women have a different frame than men. Women’s models vary mostly from unisex models, particularly when it comes to traveling or work backpacks, while smaller women’s bags, such as hiking backpacks or bike backpacks typically only have shoulder straps of different shapes.

Shop Women’s Backpacks: For Your Inner Diva

We’re all about gender equality, but let’s face and women are built differently, and men can undoubtedly handle the size and weight of a larger capacity backpack better than women!

The shorter back length of women’s backpacks is what sets them apart from the unisex ones. If you are unsure whether you should buy a women’s gear, you can measure the length of your back before you take the plunge.

Calculate the distance of your back from the base of the neck (C7 Vertebrae) to the Iliac Crest to get an idea of whether or not you’d benefit from having a backpack

designed for shorter torsos. Women’s bags by Safari have a back length of approximately 15-20″ (38-50 cm). If you’re very tall, you can think a unisex pack would be perfect.

Work Range Of Backpacks For Women At Bags & Gifts Shop

One of the main reasons we would suggest buying a ladies work backpack would be that they come in more manageable sizes, particularly if you’re on the petite side of the height spectrum.

Generally, if you prefer to pack anything but the kitchen sink, you’ll struggle to find a women’s backpack greater than 70 liters in size, which might sound like a bad thing.

However, petite travelers should aim to restrict the size of their pack to a maximum of 50-70 liters, as any more than this could cause strain on their back! Another benefit of the relatively smaller design of women’s backpacks is that you would not be tempted to overload for your journey.

Step Out In Style With Fashionable Women’s Backpack For College

As described above, women backpacks appear to be smaller in capacity, which will make them more lightweight and easy to wear. The shorter back length is also intended to suit the shorter female torso comfortably, and several manufacturers will also make the shoulder straps tailored to fit around the chest.

Discover our newest women’s backpack collection, perfect for everyday use, or your next night out. Available in many materials like canvas, cotton, or easy to care for polyester.

Some unique backpacks for school also come with extra hip belt padding to make it easier to carry against your hip bones. It is also smart to purchase a backpack with an adjustable back system, as this helps you change the length of the harness to more comfortably match your back s size.

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